Long time no speak.. Haven’t had a spare minute at all these past few days I usually work at the end of the week in the evenings and have college in the day so really that’s not a lot of time to breath.
Anyway when I finished college on Thursday I was walking round some of the Cha’shops and found some beauties to add this weeks challenge outfit and by the swing of things It looks rather festivalesque, retro, in-your-face, over the top, vibrant, bright.. Can you think of anymore? Haha

I found a Collar, Zip, shirt (more than likely 90’s) in a light linen cloth. Gorgeous feeling when you wear it so soft but it currently smells like moth balls MINGING, Straight in the wash for you, Thank-you very much! I practically stole this off the rails for £1.89  knocked down on sale at the YMCA shop. Next door to the YMCA was The British Heart Foundation, popped in there for a browse and bought for adjustments a men’s formal shirt, The Quality is brilliant and even though it was £4.50 I really didn’t mind dishing out for it because the condition was so good.. I’m planning on taking it in around the waste and bust and taking the arms of and sewing them into a corner fold on the shoulder so it’ll flatter any shape or size, I wont be using this shirt for this weeks outfit maybe for next week we’ll have to see!


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I was doing some brainstorming last night and i was thinking of doing a 6 week challenge. Buying an outfit every week for just £20, showing you some of my DIY skills and showing you the ins and outs of my essentials. I love watching Gok’s Fashion Fix where he’s challenge to spend under £100 on an outfit but still, how can anyone afford that right now? So this is LB’s Fashion Fix. I’ll be starting it From Monday 21st January following all the way through to Monday 25th February. Hope I can Help you all with my ideas.